‚ÄčThe Town of Capon Bridge is nestled in the Cacapon River valley on the eastern side of Hampshire County, West Virginia.  It is known as the "Gateway to the Mountains" -- located on Northwestern Pike (Route 50) two miles from the border with Virginia.  With a population estimated just under 400 citizens, it hosts a surprising number of amenities.  Both a public elementary and middle school are located in town as well as many thriving local businesses, restaurants, churches, arts venues and historic sites.  In addition, the town hosts two banks, a public library, a post office, a volunteer fire department and veteran's organization and several medical practitioners.

The area around Capon Bridge was settled by Europeans in 1738 by James Caudy and Joseph Edwards.  During the French and Indian War, a small outpost named Fort Edwards was established in the area and was commanded by a young George Washington.  In the early 1820s, the settlement was dominated by a tannery business and small-scale agriculture. The first bridge was constructed in 1836 and the classic Parker Through Truss Bridge which now stands was erected in 1933.  It is a town steeped in a proud history and actively embracing new ideas and residents to improve the quality of life for all.

Life in Capon Bridge is characterized by the friendly people, a relaxed pace and beautiful environment.  Situated on the banks of the Cacapon River, the river through town is a great place to fish, swim or float.  People in Capon Bridge talk "off-line" =  in-person, across a table, in the parking lot or front porch.  People here will greet you with a smile and ask about your family.  There is an ethic of volunteerism and community service that helps nurture community improvement.    

The Town of Capon Bridge was incorporated in 1902 by Amos L. Pugh, a local business man and WV legislator.  The Town has a 5 member elected Town Council, Mayor, police force and operates its own water and sewer utility.  Monthly Council Meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to the proceedings.